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Adrian Gregori Green shares his life’s work…


Adrian’s Biography from his website where he says, “See my work, my best biography at

Born in rural California in 1925, I spent much of my early youth in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevadas.  This has been a continuing experience all of my life.  My summers are spent in a camp nestled amongst the high granite peaks.

My higher education consisted of a major in art at the University of California at Berkeley where I earned my B.A.  While there I was a student of Henry Schaefer-Simmern, who was a pioneer in art education.  I took post graduate work at his Institute of Art Education where I participated in his method of unfolding inherent image making capacities in children and ordinary laymen or non-artists. I assisted Schaefer-Simmern in some of his classes and monitored all of his classes.

In 1948 I visited Mexico.  I returned there in 1949 for several months studying at the Art Institute at San Miguel de Allende.  Pre-Columbian art had a profound effect upon me.  I went to Mexico as an aspiring painter and left there as a fledgling sculptor.  Since then I have continued working almost entirely in stone for over 50 years.

In recent years I have continued my sculptural endeavors at my home and workshop close beside the Kaweah River in Three Rivers, California.  My summer high mountain workshop is 25 miles away at an elevation of nearly 8000 feet.