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Anne Haxton: Studio Tour Ten Artist

“I was a child on the move, and my explorations began when I learned to crawl.  After my first big adventure, crawling two miles down the highway, my mother strapped me into a harness and hooked me to the clothesline. I was told I spent my days rushing from one end of that clothesline to the other, never stopping, until one day I discovered a universe hidden in the grass.  I was a naturalist!

When I was ten, my I found some large rolls of paper that I used them to draw house plans.  I was an architect!  Then came my period as an author, prompted by the sudden appearance of a Remington typewriter, and when I caught the mumps, a friend brought me some oil paints and suddenly I was an artist!  That’s the pattern….a stimulus and a response….that has kindled my craft.

Today the light sculptures I create are a result of my imagination, stimulated by something I have seen, a beautiful piece of paper and the shape of a single twig.  And the subtle colorings are my attempt to recreate the changing light of the day.”

[[light sculpture © Anne Haxton]


Studio Tour 9 Photo Essay #1

In the Studios with the artists of STUDIO TOUR 9, held on March 19-20-21, 2010.

Anne Haxton: light sculpture
Anne was the featured artist for STUDIO TOUR 9.


Rick Badgley: handcrafted furniture

Rick Badgley's Studio, enjoying Stickley chairs

Carole Clum: clay and metal sculpture

Elsah Cort: collage, photography, mixed media

Nikki Crain: handweaving

James Entz: sculptural paintings

Aranga Firstman: collage, water based mixed media

Photos by Marion Hultgren and Elsah Cort, all rights reserved.

Meeting the Studio Tour Artists: Anne Haxton

Anne Rudisill Haxton
light sculpture, handmade paper

Studio Tour website page

“I am an artist who experiences creative periods. I am not sure if this is true for all artists, but for me, it’s an exploration of all that might be possible within a specific realm. Right now I am having fun with curves and swirls.”
Haxton is the featured artist for STUDIO TOUR 9.

How to get Studio Tour tickets…earlybird price until March 5.