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Architect and Author Anthony Lawlor in Three Rivers This Weekend…

“Life is in the space between. We focus on words, people, clothes, houses, cars, jobs, food, trees… Mostly, we dwell in pauses; we inhabit the openings between gestures and relationships. In traffic, in line, at the desk, at the table, on the path, we wait; we stare out the window; we muse; we worry; we laugh; we confuse; we clarify; we explore. Most of the time, we ignore the gaps. In our ignorance, we miss a major aspect of life.”

“The edge is the unknown way into thinking, speaking, acting and dwelling in wholeness. Though people have lived in wholeness before, we have the possibility of entering a new, global wholeness. The edge in this transformation is creating and employing technology, culture and personal modes of living that point beyond their individual forms to the underlying wholeness that connects them all. The edge is living a spiritual life without the fracturing influence of dogma or self-righteousness. The edge is expanding beyond the personal viewpoint to recognize and live the comprehensive field of vision we already are. I see the world this way, because this is where I am.”

“I don’t create the sacred, I acknowledge its presence and remove what hides our perception of it. For me, the sacred is the whole of life. The only thing that could be considered not sacred is the fragmented viewpoint that attempts to divide the world into sacred and profane. In the all-inclusive, indigenous awareness of the sacred even the fragmented view is within the circle of the sacred. The sacred view engages the totality of life as a breathing conscious being/process encompassing creation and destruction devouring itself to continue its existence.”

“I avoid beginning a design with a preconceived symbol or pattern. Overlaying prefigured forms on a client or the land prevent the design from emerging within the circumstances of the project. Instead, I listen and look for the patterns that already exist within the project. I work to reveal those patterns. For this purpose, there is an image of the design process that guides my work: the participants in the design gather in a circle, we peer into the space within the circle, watching what patterns arise from formlessness into form.”

[Quotes are from an interview with Anthony Lawlor on January 10, 2011 by planteshifter on Open Myth Source]

Meet Anthony Lawlor at the Arts Alliance Mixer and Potluck Dinner on Friday, October 28 at 6 pm, at the Three Rivers Arts Center. And, come to his workshop, on October 29, called Creative Alchemy: Releasing the Artist’s Soul. Call 559-561-4671 to sign up for workshop. There are still some spaces open at this late date.