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2012 Arts Alliance Workshop Jan 21-22: Holistic Marketing for the Cultural Creative

What is Holistic Marketing?
by Andrea Adler, Founder of Holistic PR
and the author of The Science of Spiritual Marketing and Creating an Abundant Practice

There has never been a time in our history when an innovative, inspired approach to marketing has been more important.  Understanding that intention and energy are behind every word and image we use in our materials and in our outreach, makes a huge impact as to how we are perceived and whom we attract.  Everything we do and say directly impacts the prosperity of our business. Traditional marketing methods no longer work.  We clearly need a new paradigm.

Holistic PR integrates both spiritual and practical principles into our mindset, materials and outreach. Instead of using traditional applications, which are not sustainable over time, Holistic PR offers a spiritual and holistic approach that creates a somatic, sensory response—the body in its wholeness, the mind, heart and the spirit as a unity—so that our audience resonates energetically with who we are and what we have to offer.  It infuses all aspects of our marketing with the essence of our work.

By working with the emotional, physical, linguistic and ontological aspects to achieve a depth of attraction, we invite clients and workshop participants to embark on a journey called, The Science of Spiritual Marketing: Initiation into Magnetism.  Why magnetism?  Because, when we are in alignment with our true destiny on an energetic level, we are in sync and we magnetize those synchronicities, coincidences, and people that we want to bring to us—effortlessly, gracefully.

This unique and proven process can easily be taught and applied.  Whether you are a large or small business owner, an entrepreneur, a student or a real estate tycoon, or an artist, the principles are exactly the same.  Holistic PR’s holographic approach will provide you with clarity— an entire A to Z marketing strategy—to support you in creating dynamic marketing materials that magnetize you to the audience you want to attract.

For over thirty years, I have had the privilege to guide business owners from all professions in holistic marketing principles. The adventure of engaging in this conscious intention and awakening people to their fullest potential is my commitment and highest reward.

All rights reserved   ©Andrea Adler

For workshop details and registration form
visit the Arts Alliance website.

Architect and Author Anthony Lawlor in Three Rivers This Weekend…

“Life is in the space between. We focus on words, people, clothes, houses, cars, jobs, food, trees… Mostly, we dwell in pauses; we inhabit the openings between gestures and relationships. In traffic, in line, at the desk, at the table, on the path, we wait; we stare out the window; we muse; we worry; we laugh; we confuse; we clarify; we explore. Most of the time, we ignore the gaps. In our ignorance, we miss a major aspect of life.”

“The edge is the unknown way into thinking, speaking, acting and dwelling in wholeness. Though people have lived in wholeness before, we have the possibility of entering a new, global wholeness. The edge in this transformation is creating and employing technology, culture and personal modes of living that point beyond their individual forms to the underlying wholeness that connects them all. The edge is living a spiritual life without the fracturing influence of dogma or self-righteousness. The edge is expanding beyond the personal viewpoint to recognize and live the comprehensive field of vision we already are. I see the world this way, because this is where I am.”

“I don’t create the sacred, I acknowledge its presence and remove what hides our perception of it. For me, the sacred is the whole of life. The only thing that could be considered not sacred is the fragmented viewpoint that attempts to divide the world into sacred and profane. In the all-inclusive, indigenous awareness of the sacred even the fragmented view is within the circle of the sacred. The sacred view engages the totality of life as a breathing conscious being/process encompassing creation and destruction devouring itself to continue its existence.”

“I avoid beginning a design with a preconceived symbol or pattern. Overlaying prefigured forms on a client or the land prevent the design from emerging within the circumstances of the project. Instead, I listen and look for the patterns that already exist within the project. I work to reveal those patterns. For this purpose, there is an image of the design process that guides my work: the participants in the design gather in a circle, we peer into the space within the circle, watching what patterns arise from formlessness into form.”

[Quotes are from an interview with Anthony Lawlor on January 10, 2011 by planteshifter on Open Myth Source]

Meet Anthony Lawlor at the Arts Alliance Mixer and Potluck Dinner on Friday, October 28 at 6 pm, at the Three Rivers Arts Center. And, come to his workshop, on October 29, called Creative Alchemy: Releasing the Artist’s Soul. Call 559-561-4671 to sign up for workshop. There are still some spaces open at this late date.

Printmaking Fun in June with the Arts Alliance Workshop

Painterly Printmaking with Monotype

June 25-26, 2011 from 10-4 pm
Taught by San Diego artist, Amber George at Saint Anthony Retreat in Three Rivers

Often considered the most spontaneous form of printmaking, monotype is a fun and experimental form of expression.  It is closely related to painting and is accessible to new and experienced artists alike. We will be using water based Akua Inks which can be printed without a press and clean up is easy with safe, non-toxic clean up methods.

Instructor, Amber George, will demonstrate a variety of printing techniques. Both additive and subtractive methods will be explored, including stencils, rubbing alcohol resists, viscosity resists and multiple pass prints. An experienced instructor and artist, Amber gives one-on-one attention to make sure that each student is able to express their own ideas effectively and creatively.

All materials will be provided, including 5 sheets of 22×30 paper. Additional paper can be purchased from the instructor. Students will want to bring the following materials: notebook, smock or apron, images for inspiration, stamps, texture materials like burlap, bubble wrap or other materials with an inherent texture, stencils, scissors, cutting knife like X-acto and cutting mat, a package of baby wipes and a roll of paper towels.

Amber George is a painter and printmaker and received a BFA from UCLA in 1994. She currently resides in Fallbrook California, a growing artist community in North San Diego County. Her work is represented by galleries across the country where she frequently shows her paintings and monotypes. Her work was featured in Embracing Encaustic, a book highlighting encaustic painting techniques. She has been teaching adults and children in San Diego since 2001.

Limited enrollment space for this workshop, so sign up early. Registration fee (includes lunch and snacks), if you sign up before June 11, 2011: $195 for non Arts Alliance members; $165 for Arts Alliance members. Add $20 to registration fee after June 11th. Refund will be given minus $25 administration fee, for cancellation if made by June 11th.

Call 559-561-4671 for more information. Download registration form here (see the link at the bottom of the page.)

Making Hand-Made Paper Workshop on April 30

Workshop sponsored by the Arts Alliance of Three Rivers

April 30, 2011 from 10-4 pm
Taught by Three Rivers artist, Elsah Cort and held at her Three Rivers studio

This workshop will introduce you to making paper, using various materials including recycled paper, dried plant materials and scraps of this and that.  We will learn about the process of simple paper-making, producing paper that can be used for other art projects such as collage, or simply as an artwork itself.  We will make our own moulds and deckles, the screened frames used to make paper. Using blenders, we will make our paper batches and learn how to include color and other materials to add texture and interest.  It’s a slightly messy process, so wear comfortable work clothes.  Bring a sack lunch.  We will be working inside and outside, enjoying the springtime panorama.

Suggested materials to bring with you:

1. Wear old clothes or bring an apron.
2. Bring 2-4 old towels and a sponge.
3. Collect scraps of paper, junk mail, colored paper, pressed flowers, dried or fresh flowers, dried leaves, glitter, kitchen herbs, things to add to your paper pulp.

Required materials to bring with you:

1. Two old wooden picture frames or 2 canvas stretcher frames, both the same size, no larger than 8X10 (screening will be provided by me to make the paper frames, called mould and deckles).
2. A cat litter box to be used for paper pulp batches. I have found these work well.
3. Old cotton material (sheets, pillow cases work well) that will be torn into pieces the same size as your frames, or some felt to cut into the same sizes.
NOTE: if you want to buy a professional mould and deckle or paper-making box, you can get kits from Arnold Gummer. They run between $40-75.

Limited enrollment space of 6 for this workshop, so sign up early. Registration fee, if you sign up before April 16, 2011: $75 for non Arts Alliance members; $45 for Arts Alliance members. Add $20 to registration fee after April 16, 2011. Additional fee of $15 for materials, only if you wish all materials to be supplied for you. Refund will be given minus $25 administration fee, for cancellation if made by April 16th.

Call 559-561-4671 for more information. Download registration form here.

To join the Arts Alliance, download membership form here. Dues are $20, giving you membership through the calendar year.

Creating a Well Being Mandala Workshop

The Arts Alliance of Three Rivers presents its first workshop for 2011.

Creating a Well Being Mandala

Saturday, March 26, 2011 from 10-4 pm
Three Rivers Arts Center
Taught by Half Moon Bay artist, Judy Shintani

Almost everyone is concerned about his or her health. But, how often do we create art to honor our well being? In this workshop we will have the opportunity to focus on our health using meditation, writing, art-making, and sharing.  We will look at the mandala, the sacred symbol of the circle, and why we will be using it as our foundation for this workshop. We can choose to give attention to a particular health issue or to honor  our bodies. For example, one could focus on their hands which may be challenged by carpel tunnel syndrome, or their heart experiencing sadness, or pay tribute to strong legs that have carried them throughout their lives.

We will explore and discuss the power of intention and learnings, that arise out of artistic concentration. Examples will be shown of how different cultures and artists, such as Frida Kahlo and the instructor, Judy Shintani, have used art and symbology for healing, health, and expression.  She will conduct a short visual meditation during which participants will tap into their own landscape and personal journey, which they can incorporate into their well being mandalas.

A variety of materials will be provided for participants to pick and choose.  They may also bring their own media. Shintani will show and discuss layering and texturing techniques incorporating acrylic paint, collage, writing, and incorporating found objects, using sewing and glue guns.  Journaling is encouraged throughout the process as surprising feelings and thoughts can arise and transform during the art-making. Everyone will be invited to discuss and share their finished art pieces.

Judy Shintani is an assemblage and installation artist, who focuses on remembrance, connection, and storytelling, with a Masters Degree in transformative art from John F. Kennedy University and a BS in graphic design from San Jose State.  She exhibits throughout the Pacific Northwest, and is an educator to creatives of all ages. Her art practice reflects a universal theme of story and healing with an emphasis on art as a spiritual practice. She has conducted workshops throughout the Pacific North West, and lives in Half Moon Bay, California.

Judy Shintani website
Judy Shintani blog

She says, “My art focuses on remembrance, connection, and storytelling. I make assemblages, produce installations and create performances, to generate visual stories which often bring vital issues to light. I form objects of healing, similar to fetish figures created by indigenous cultures. My ancestry is an area of inspiration for me. In honoring these stories, I provide healing for my family – past, present, and future. Some of my sculptures are tributes to my family matriarchy – my grandmothers and my mother.  Often through my work, others see a universal theme of story and healing that touches issues in their own lives. I am grateful to collaborate with communities as they focus on their own voice and wellness through art.”

Limited enrollment space for this workshop, so sign up early. Registration fee, if you sign up before March 5, 2011: $95 for non Arts Alliance members; $65 for Arts Alliance members. Add $20 to registration fee after March 5th.

Call 559-561-4671 for more information.  Registration form can be downloaded here.

Seeds of Creativity

The Arts Alliance of Three Rivers is selling beautifully labeled decorative jars containing 2 oz. of California Native Poppy Seeds. The seeds are high quality poppy seeds. The jars will contain sowing instructions and information about the seeds themselves.

The proceeds will go directly to The Lorraine Young Memorial Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund was set up in honor of Lorraine Young to encourage young artists who want to obtain an education in art. Lorraine was a wonderful artist in her own right, and was a very active member of the Arts Alliance, promoting the arts throughout her life, and we continue this effort in her name.

The seeds will be sold over the next few months in a variety of locations including craft festivals, boutiques, the Green Faire on October 2, though local merchants, at Anne Lang’s Emporium. This is a perfect item to consider using as holiday gifts as we approach the Fall/Winter season. The Arts Alliance website will have a complete calendar of events and sites where the seeds will be sold.

“Seeds of Creativity” are $8.00 a jar, tax included.

If you have any questions, please  contact Karen Kimball at 559-561-7718.

The Redbud Festival is coming May 8-9

The Redbud Arts & Crafts Festival, held annually on Mother’s Day weekend in May, is a two day arts and crafts festival, also featuring local musicians and food. The event is sponsored the Arts Alliance of Three Rivers and is well attended by Three Rivers and surrounding communities. About 56 artists and crafters participate yearly. Proceeds support the Lorraine Young Memorial Scholarship Fund for scholarships to local students and the activities of the Arts Alliance of Three Rivers.

Empty Bowls Supper

Saturday, February 6 from 4-7 pm
Three Rivers Memorial Building

The Three Rivers Arts Alliance and the Bread Basket are joining together to sponsor a fund raiser to support this community food bank.  We are calling this event the Empty Bowls Supper. The Arts Alliance has collected hundreds of bowls created by local artists and students.  On February 6 these bowls will be available for purchase at the Memorial Building.  A hearty soup dinner will be served to fill the bowls.  There will be music and a silent auction. Hours for the event are 12- 4 pm for viewing the silent auction of fine art and for the purchase of tickets and bowls. Supper will be served from 4-7 pm, along with musical entertainment.  Though we have a fine collection of bowls, we recommend that guests purchase tickets in advance. They are on sale now at the the Art Co-op, the Three Rivers Union  School,  the Three Rivers Drugstore and local churches.  Tickets are $15/adult, $7/child, $35/family.

The Three Rivers Bread Basket is a nonprofit organization that distributes food, clothing and household goods to needy individuals and families in our community. It is supported entirely by donations from individuals, churches and community organizations.

Students at work….

Concert on the Grass

Mark your calendar for September 26, 2009 for the Annual Three Rivers Concert on the Grass

Since 1982, the last Saturday in September has been the time for a free outdoor music concert in Three Rivers.  Patrons bring picnics, blankets, chairs and gather on the grass to listen to a variety of talented people in the musical and performing arts. The venue opens at 1:30 pm, giving time to set up your listening space and enjoy a fine arts exhibit with the local Arts Alliance.  Program starts at 2:30 pm.

The 2009 performing artists include:

Keith and Esther Zurcher-Hamm, of Mankin Creek, on guitar with multiple renditions of favorite songs including country, pop, and jazz.

Melissa Black and Bill Haxton, poets

Laura Walters and John Slade, actors

Lauren Adaska and Leah Spencer, vocalists

Davit Reid on bagpipes

Jesse Belman, of Faena Brava, on guitar with Pat Valentine on cello, with Fabi and Marilou Belman, and Jovita Metts performing folklorico and flamenco dancing

Ken Elias on piano, playing Beethoven, Debussy and Joplin

For directions see details hereFor more information call Ken Elias at 559-561-0610.

congrass2 congrass1

for Three Rivers artists and art lovers…don’t forget


Arts Alliance Annual Members’ Meeting
Saturday, August 29, 2009, at 9 AM
In the Mission Room at St. Anthony’s Retreat

The meeting will be devoted to a very directed “brainstorming” session with guest-facilitator Alex Picavet leading the group.
The new board members will also be introduced.
All Arts Alliance members are invited as well as those who would like to join the Arts Alliance.
Bring your ideas for how to expand our presence in Three Rivers, new activities or events, or things we could do better.
You are encouraged to follow up your ideas by working on them within the Arts Alliance.

Continental breakfast will be provided.

Please RSVP to Arts Alliance President, Eddie McArthur at 561-4166 by August 21.

Karen and Judy volunteering at Redbud Festival

volunteering at Redbud Art Festival

tile art project at 3R school

tile art project at 3R school

News from the Arts Alliance of Three Rivers

The Arts Alliance of Three Rivers has a new look for its website at designed by Three Rivers artist, Aranga Firstman.  She says, “It is designed to be a more interesting, a more useful, and a more user friendly site.”

The website includes a new logo designed by Three Rivers artist, Martha Widmann.

Arts Alliance Annual Members’ Meeting on Saturday, August 29, 2009,
at 10 AM
in the Mission Room at St. Anthony’s Retreat

The meeting will be devoted to a very directed “brainstorming” session with guest-facilitator Alex Picavet leading the group. The new board members will also be introduced. All Arts Alliance members are invited as well as those who would like to join the Arts Alliance.  Bring your ideas for how to expand our presence in Three Rivers, new activities or events, or things we could do better. You are encouraged to follow up your ideas by working on them within the Arts Alliance.

Continental breakfast will be provided. Please RSVP to Arts Alliance President, Eddie McArthur at 561-4166.