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Carole Clum: Studio Tour Ten Artist

“Nature is my primary inspiration.  In our 28 acre wildlife-certified habitat and California native plant garden, I build stoneware sculptures of plants, animals, birds, insects and women from coils and slabs.  In recent years I have enjoyed making found object art from aluminum, brass and stainless steel.  The scavenged components are old tools, utensils, costume jewelry and house numbers.   These whimsical sculptures are of horses, frogs, cats, dogs, giraffes and bulls.  Outside my small studio I can see bobcats, hawks, goldfinches on a thistle seed feeder and bluebirds entering and exiting their nesting box.  I crank open all the windows and let the breeze flow through.”

Studio Tour 9 Photo Essay #1

In the Studios with the artists of STUDIO TOUR 9, held on March 19-20-21, 2010.

Anne Haxton: light sculpture
Anne was the featured artist for STUDIO TOUR 9.


Rick Badgley: handcrafted furniture

Rick Badgley's Studio, enjoying Stickley chairs

Carole Clum: clay and metal sculpture

Elsah Cort: collage, photography, mixed media

Nikki Crain: handweaving

James Entz: sculptural paintings

Aranga Firstman: collage, water based mixed media

Photos by Marion Hultgren and Elsah Cort, all rights reserved.

Meeting the Studio Tour Artists: Carole Clum

Carole Clum
clay, metal

Studio Tour website page

“For thirty-five years, I have hand built stoneware sculpture, using coils and slabs of clay. They are high fired in heavy reduction. For six years, I have made found object art from old metal tools, utensils, and hardware.”

How to get Studio Tour tickets…earlybird price until March 5.