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Meeting the Studio Tour Artists: Eddie McArthur

Eddie McArthur
watercolor, acrylic, pastel, mixed media


“I believe we all have “art” or more truly creativity within us.  Getting caught up in the world, making a living, keeping up with the neighbors, dealing with the daily-ness of life tends to blind our eyes and stuff our ears against the possibility of living a creative life.  Perhaps the biggest bar to creativity is the fear that we’ll be laughed at.  My cure for that is to laugh at myself.   When it all becomes very serious and is all about capital-A ART, the joy is gone along with my interest.

The love of animals led me to sign up for a sketch class at the San Diego Wild Animal Park because it offered the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the animals.  Not only did I love getting to know unusual animals like a Binturong, but I also discovered I could actually draw!  Everything took off from there.  Along the way I’ve continued to follow my instincts. For instance, I signed up for a one day workshop in pastels though I’ve never had a particular interest in that media.  Wow!  I was suddenly transported to a different world of vivid color, the possibility of mixed media, etc.

Having access to the thriving arts community here – the Studio Tour, Arts Alliance, 1st Saturday, etc. – has given me a community of like-minded people and served to energize both my art and my life.  While I don’t do landscapes as a practice, I find the majesty and strength of the mountains to be calming.  For me – my art and my Life – staying grounded with Mother Earth is essential, and living here is conducive to that path.”

Eddie McArthur was born in Illinois and raised on a farm. After attending local schools with no art programs available she attended Western Illinois University to major in English/Psychology. Although she had sketched and “played” at art since childhood, work, family and life took over and art was put aside for decades.
Many years later, while living in San Diego, California, Ms. McArthur happened to see an ad for a sketch class to be held at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was the chance to get up close and personal with animals that led this admitted animal nut to pick up a sketch book and pencils. From there passion took over.
In short order Eddie began painting in watercolor, still her favorite medium. Although she has taken mini-classes like that sketch class, she remains essentially self-taught.
Some early success offered enough encouragement for her to continue the path to where she is today.
She  finds it difficult to categorize herself or her work. Painting in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media; experimenting with different papers and canvases; addressing subjects from landscape to thought, she tends to work in the media and style that feels right for what she is doing.
She maintains a home and studio in Three Rivers, CA, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada just outside Sequoia National Park. The peace, tranquility and awe-inspiring views have influenced her work. Often weather – a foothill storm, a drought decimated scene, low lying clouds – will dominate both the mood and setting of her current work.
Eddie’s works are in private collections from New York to California. She does a rare commission, mostly portraits of pets or very young children.

Recent Shows/Exhibits
One-Woman Show, Geronimo Springs Museum, Truth or Consequences, NM
North County Society of Fine Arts, Open Juried Art Exhibit
Art in the Park, Balboa Park, San Diego
“Four at the Grill” show at Adams Avenue Grill, San Diego, CA
Sofa Art 2008, Visalia, CA
Three Rivers Studio Tour, March 29-30, 2008

How to get Studio Tour tickets…earlybird price until March 5.

Artists in Three Rivers on the blogging trail…

We live in a small town and our lives are deeply affected by our surroundings.  As artists we are inspired to interpret our lives and worlds with paint and color and design on canvas and film.

Blogging has entered into our lives as a way of telling our “artists’ stories” and giving others a glimpse into our creative process.

Here are three “windows” into what’s up with some Three Rivers artists via their recent blog posts.


Aranga Firstman



OF MY EXISTENCE seems to be a most fitting title for the latest painting on my easel…When I paint, I prefer either a square or circular format because it more easily draws me inside the painting.  Once inside, the painting paints itself. It chooses the colors and the forms. I have no idea of the whys and whats until the painting finishes.  Painting makes me feel peaceful, excited and in awe of the universe.

Aranga is the designer of the Arts Alliance website,
She has also joined the Arts Alliance Board of Directors.
Visit her website gallery at


Eddie McArthur



FLOW is a combination of watercolor, acrylic and pastel on watercolor paper.  I love it when a painting takes on a mind of its own and goes somewhere I hadn’t planned!  This one was going to be much more realistic as a river scene. I even planned a raft of people shooting the rapids.  But, when it got going, the painting Gods took over and the whole thing went a different direction.  I really like playing with layering different media together.

Visit Eddie’s gallery shop on 1000 Markets.
She is the new President of the Three Rivers Arts Alliance.


Martha Widmann



I have recently returned from riding the 6th leg — Darby to Big Hole National Monument, Montana — of the Chief Joseph Trail Ride.  The Chief Joe is a consecutive 13 year ride [100 miles each year for a total of 1300 miles] that retraces the route of the Nez Perce flight from the US calvary in the late 1800’s and is sponsored by the Appaloosa Horse Association.  It originates in Joseph, Oregon and ends in Bear Paw Meadow, Montana just 40 miles shy of the Canadian border.

Martha works professionally as a graphic designer, integrating painting on canvas into her creative life.


Are you an artist ready to dip your toes into the blogging stream, but need some help? Ask Elsah Cort for kind help 561-4671.

The Quail Painting Series: Works in Progress

Eddie McArthur is painting her love for our native California Quail with a series of four paintings.
She says, “It’s funny; whenever I get rolling on a series, the paintings come quickly. And, when I’m stuck, well, I’m just stuck.”

The Pair (#2 in the series)

Read the rest of the story at Eddie’s blog called “Living My Art” at Follow Eddie is on twitter @eddie_art