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Marn Reich: Studio Tour Ten Artist

“I like creating pieces which are functional as well as decorative and I’ve been known for some time for whimsical teapots shaped as animals and people and for boxes shaped as bears or mermaids sitting on rocks.  I have also created many nudes.  I work primarily in clay, acrylic, fabric and monoprint.  Working in clay is fascinating to me because you have no limitations as far as design, but rigid limitations as far as construction.  The survival rate of a piece depends on how carefully you follow all the rules, as well as how the kiln god feels about you.  The way you have to work depends on the ambient temperature and humidity, so you have to work very differently in summer and winter.  My studio, which is also my living room, office, bedroom and dining room, is in a mobile home.  Because my life is so contained, I can be working on a sculpture, doing paralegal work, playing with my parakeet, cooking dinner, doing laundry, and listening to National Public Radio all at once, and I usually am.”

[artwork © Marn Reich]

Meeting the Studio Tour Artists: Marn Reich

Marn Reich
clay, fabric, acrylic, monoprint

Studio Tour website page:

“My primary medium is stoneware and I am known for whimsical teapots and boxes. I most recently won “best of show” at the Tulare County Fair in 2009. I also work in fabric, acrylic and monoprint.”

How to get Studio Tour tickets…earlybird price until March 5.

Marn Reich at the Art Co-Op

Marn Reich, one of the Studio Tour artists, is the featured artist throughout November at the Art Co-Op in Three Rivers.  The gallery is open Tues-Sunday from 10- 6 pm.

She says, “I began working in clay about 15 years ago. I love the challenges it presents – getting it to assume the shape and color I desire and keep it without collapsing, cracking or discoloring. Once I’ve conquered a particular challenge, I’m on the lookout for another – making something bigger, smaller, more lifelike, more whimsical.

I enjoy working at home, surrounded by my favorite things, but I also enjoy working with others and having the stimulation and input of others’ ideas, comments, and criticisms, so I also work once a week at a studio in Visalia, where I can interact with friends and fire my work.


Next month the gallery features another Studio Tour artist, George Smith.