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Self-portraits become student mural


The making of this mural is chronicled on Three Rivers artist Nadi Spencer’s blog where she writes,
“The students of La Sierra High School, in Porterville, CA., painted this mural last year with my assistance. I hope they had as much fun as I did. If you want to see how it was done, follow this blog for a few days. I’ll walk you through it…
I met with the art students in the classroom. All students in the school would have an opportunity to paint, but we needed to meet with a core group to design the mural. They were surprisingly quiet and I had some difficulty getting them to open up. I spread out on a table an array of photos and clippings to give them ideas. They liked the idea of masks, and since Shirley and I both brought our cameras, we jumped right in and had them pose for masks. They wanted to include teachers and their principal, Jan Mekeel, so we photographed them as well.”


Nadi was assisted by another Three Rivers artist, Shirley Keller, whose husband, Bruce, teaches at this high school.
Follow Nadi Spencer on twitter @Nadi_art and Shirley Keller @Keller_art

Jana Botkin: micro to macro

Standing on the platform of a flat bed truck, Jana is painting a mural in Exeter, California.
Her chronicle of the process is now on Day 38….
The mountains of Mineral King, in Sequoia National Park, have been her painters’ heart connection for a long while.

See Jana’s portfolio at
She is a Three Rivers Artists’ Studio Tour Artist

Day One is February 5, 2009…Painter’s sky at sky’s edge


Day 38 is April 8, 2009…blue on blue
“As I paint in silence (relatively speaking) and solitude each day, ideas come …”