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Three days to be in the hills with wildflowers and blue skies and 21 artists in their art-making spaces.  Transform your life. Awaken your own artist.  Yes, we are, each and everyone, artists at heart. We came here to create, it’s what being a human BEing is all about.

Three Rivers Artists’ STUDIO TOUR 9
March 19-20-21, 2010

The Studio Tour starts at the Three Rivers Historical Museum on Highway 198.
21 artists’ studios open from 10-5 pm.
Tickets $20 per adult, $5 per child under 12.
Call 559-561-4671 for more information.

See our “Art Talk” twitterfeed conversation–live during the Studio Tour.

Meeting the Studio Tour Artists: Martha Widmann

Martha Widmann
acrylic, oil, graphic design


“The nature of my work is hopefully a honest expression of my internal process as a human being. It isn’t easy for me to come to paint altho when I am painting, I am completely at home there. I really try to honor what shows up and how it shows up an I trust the universe perhaps more than I do myself. Once I can disarm the fear of not being good enough, I settle into the process and am at peace with what I discover. Maybe it is therapy, maybe not, but I know I am changed by the process of painting and with each painting.

Living in Three Rivers has made the process a happier one. The images that come have been less tortured, the space is more conducive for me and the energy here kinder and more compassionate. In LA it was harder for me and the images more raw emotionally, but cathartic none the less.

Mostly have shown my work in the Three Rivers Studio Tour. Also have shown with two other women at the Court House Gallery in Exeter. It causes some angst as I don’t paint fast and I am not prolific so I looked at that as a great experience and learned a great deal from it.

Mainly my goal now is to address consistency and concentrate on painting regularly. To start to see what comes from that and where it leads me.

I went to SUNY Geneseo in upstate NY. I went primarily because they had the largest collection of bavarian limestone for use in lithography/printmaking, which was the direction I wanted to go with my art … to be a printmaker.

Other influences have been – As a child growing up I was profoundly moved by Georgia O’Keeffe. not just by her paintings but how she lived her life. I felt a kinship to her emotionally and life perspective. I felt as if there was someone out there who understood how I saw the world around me but I always struggled with being able to express myself…I could relate but couldn’t see my own “self” to express.

I think moving to Three Rivers put me back in touch with nature so I could start to see my self better – I started to ride horses and that full body way of communication opened me up and I started to feel like I did when I was a little girl- imagining and playing in what I was imagining. The horse then started to show up in my paintings and I’ve been working with these images for the last six years. I have several artist friends who paint full time that I truly admire and see their process which is a beautiful gift for me…Daniel Nevins is one and Jim Entz is another.

I vacillate between feeling like an artist and then not…and when I am working graphically, all I tend to think about is how much I want to be painting. and once I begin to paint again, I feel like a painter. I am grateful for that.”

How to get Studio Tour tickets…earlybird price until March 5.

Meeting the Studio Tour Artists: Tina St. John

Tina St. John


“My one-of-a-kind creations are an inspiration from my heart. Each piece is designed to be classic and simple, as well as to create a feeling of well-being. My jewelry is handcrafted in fine silver, sterling silver, gold-filled (18kt overlay), swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls.

I’ve been designing jewelry since I was a young teenager. My mother was also an artist specializing in interior design and gourmet cooking. She enrolled me in a jewelry class with a designer from Denver, Colorado, who I later apprenticed with.  Further on, after traveling to India, Europe and South Africa I decided to start a business of my own. Tina St John Design was launched in the early 90’s. With much trial and error, and several jewelry designing ventures I have simplified my line and way of presentation. My goal is “to design jewelry that provides a sense of well-being while making a classic statement.

I am developing a line that incorporates vintage and antique beads to create new modern pieces. I will use your jewelry, and/or my found beads etc and recreate new treasured jewelry. Contact me to learn more about this service and to see what I’m creating from old into new. This eco-friendly and green line is my latest venture.”

Tina is a founding member of The Art Co-Op Gallery.

How to get Studio Tour tickets…earlybird price until March 5.

Meeting the Studio Tour Artists: George Smith

George Smith
stoneware, salt glaze, pit fire

Studio Tour website page:

“My pottery consists of wheel thrown and hand built forms utilizing stoneware and porcelain clays. The pieces are fired using Cone 10 glazes, vapor and pit firing techniques.”

How to get Studio Tour tickets…earlybird price until March 5.

Meeting the Studio Tour Artists: Mona Fox Selph

Mona Fox Selph
oil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media

Studio Tour website page:

“As an art teacher for grade school to college level for eighteen years, I have taught and explored many media. Now retired, I work mainly in landscapes in oil, but continue to enjoy working in watercolor and other media, and exploring introspective themes.

I attended University of South Carolina 2 1/2 years (beginning at age 17);  attended California State University, Northridge and finished master’s degree in June, 1981.  I have attended some good workshops, especially out of doors. I worked as presentation artist for 2 Hollywood design firms while in school.  I worked as  freelance artist for several firms in Tulare and Fresno Counties.  I did newspaper advertisement illustrations, logos, etc. and special commissions, cartoons for Sequoia Park newspaper, and two murals for the Tulare County Historical Museum at Mooney Grove, Indian room.

I was a substitute teacher for several schools and curriculum developer and art teacher for Three Rivers School for 17 1/2 years.  I also taught at other schools including Sundale and Strathmore for 3 years.  I taught in Tulare County Artists in Schools program for many years, at the College of the Sequoias for 18 years and at the Creative Center for the Developmentally Disabled for 7 years.”

How to get Studio Tour tickets…earlybird price until March 5.

Meeting the Studio Tour Artists: Marn Reich

Marn Reich
clay, fabric, acrylic, monoprint

Studio Tour website page:

“My primary medium is stoneware and I am known for whimsical teapots and boxes. I most recently won “best of show” at the Tulare County Fair in 2009. I also work in fabric, acrylic and monoprint.”

How to get Studio Tour tickets…earlybird price until March 5.

Meeting the Studio Tour Artists: Armin Pfadisch

Armin Pfadisch

Studio Tour website page:

“The bowls, shown here, are examples of the fine woods we have available for turning in this area. The richness and grain of the black walnut burl is exciting to work with. The variety and form and color in the burl of the buckeye is limitless. The potpourri bowl is wood from lemon trees planted over 100 years ago in Lemon Cove.”

How to get Studio Tour tickets…earlybird price until March 5.