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Studio Tour Weekend Approaching…

Every other year, the many artists, who live and work in Three Rivers, open their private studios to the public. The ninth Three Rivers Artists’ Studio Tour will be held on March 19-20-21, expanding to three days this year, giving visitors more time to leisurely visit each studio.  Studio Tour 9 celebrates the singular creative expressions of twenty-one artists, solidifying its Tour de Force status as an exceptional creative achievement for Tulare County, from its inception eighteen years ago.

Art-making is essentially a solitary experience for most of these artists, the work culminating from each one’s personal narrative of how art-making evolves, living in the foothills. By welcoming visitors into their studio workspace, the artists invite interesting conversations about the making of art.  The Studio Tour becomes a multi-voice dialogue about creativity, living with art, the inspiration of the natural world, and how to meet the challenge of earning a livelihood from art.  Lives have been changed by this Studio Tour.  Many visitors have gone home and made a creative space for their own inspired, innate artistic nature to emerge. The artists are rewarded by the respectful appreciation and enthusiasm that is offered in return.

Tickets on sale for earlybird price of $15/ per adult until March 5, $20 at the door. More ticket info HERE.

“Water” sculptural painting exhibit

Studio Tour artist, James Entz, will show new work from March 4-28, 2010, at Fig Tree Gallery in Fresno.  An artist’s reception will be held on March 4 from 5-8 pm, as part of the monthly Art Hop event. Fig Tree Gallery is located at 644 Van Ness Avenue (in downtown Fresno.) The gallery is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from noon to 4 pm.

work in progress for the new exhibition

James Entz’s exhibition of new work (sculptural paintings and some writings) explores the idea of water as the vehicle of the aqueous medium he works in, as a metaphor for the most valued aspect of his studio practice, “the creative flow–those moments of working transcendence,” as he says, and as the scarce resource and commodity that pervades California politics. “We are running our rivers dry here in the west,” says Entz. “We import water as the fuel for population and economic growth, and mine our groundwater as we did oil in the last century, at an unsustainable rate.”

Though Entz recognizes that water is “captured, diverted, and harnessed for human purposes, especially here in the Southwest”, he sees that, “water has carved this landscape, and continues to be a transformative presence in nature, transporting us out of the mundane disconnections of our modern world into nature’s flow. We live in aqueous bodies; our planet is an aqueous body; it seems that water and its qualities are our nature.”

In many ways, the topological paintings and writings in this exhibition have water as their source: celebrating, revealing, and reflecting water’s hard realities and unique qualities.

Living in the Kaweah River watershed in the Southern Sierra gives Entz a unique perspective on water use–from wild river to dam to irrigated farmland of the Central Valley.

Arts Visalia Announces Studio Tour Exhibition

In the first exhibition of their 2010 exhibition calendar, Arts Visalia will present an exhibition featuring the artists of the upcoming Three Rivers Artists’ Studio Tour. The Creative Life will showcase artworks by the twenty-one artists participating in the upcoming tour.  The exhibition will be on display from January 6 through January 29 with a public reception where the public may meet the artists on Friday, January 8 from 6 to 8pm.  Admission is free and open to the public.

Every other year since 1994, numerous Three Rivers artists open their private studios to the public for one weekend in March.  With the purchase of a ticket, visitors are provided maps for a weekend driving tour to each studio, a perfect excuse to spend a day driving through one of the most beautiful parts of Tulare County.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with these talented individuals in their working environments, a chance to get a behind-the-scenes view of the creative process.  This year’s tour will take place on  March 19 –21.

For more information, contact Arts Visalia at 739-0905 or visit
Arts Visalia is located at 214 East Oak Avenue in downtown Visalia.

(art by Jana Botkin, Martha Widmann, John Griesbach, Nancy Jonnum, Aranga Firstman)

Call for artists for STUDIO TOUR 9

The Three Rivers Artists’ STUDIO TOUR 9 is slated for March 19-20-21 in 2010.

Any creative person, who is a resident of Three Rivers with a designated creating space, is welcome to join the Studio Tour.  The deadline for application submission is November 1, 2009.  Details can be found at the Studio Tour Website on the artists’ page on the guidelines and policies pdf link.

One of the highlights of the Studio Tour for participating artists is the pre-tour for artists only.  We spend the day and travel to see all the artists’ studios.  It is a unique opportunity to talk artist-on-artist, sharing our process and creative juice.

studio of Shirley Keller

studio of Shirley Keller

studio of Nikki Crain

studio of Nikki Crain

studio of Carole Clum

studio of Carole Clum

studio of Marn Reich

studio of Marn Reich

Twitter as a medium for art-making?

Three Rivers (California) Artists Join in a New Online “Art Talk”

The artists of Three Rivers are talking about the creative life, using Twitter as an artist’s medium. As they prepare for the Three Rivers Biennial Artists’ STUDIO TOUR 9, slated for March 19-20-21 in 2010, artists have begun to talk about their art-making process in an online inclusive conversation. The increasingly popular Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers.)

The Studio Tour organizer, Elsah Cort, has embedded a special Twitter search “widget” on the main Studio Tour website, where anyone can view the most recent comments by the artists. Within 10 seconds of an artist posting a “tweet” it appears in “Art Talk” on the website. The artists are using the special code that allows for all the updates to be gathered together in the twitter conversation. You can follow this collaborative art essay at, use the link for “Art Talk.”

“The potential of Twitter as a way for artists to share their ideas and creative process is continually evolving,” says Cort. “Many artists around the world have been using twitter since its launching in the summer of 2006. Artists can refer visitors to online blogs and websites that function as online galleries and commentaries.” As the local Three Rivers artists deepen into their twitter conversation with each other, the personal experience of artist contact, that the Three Rivers Artists’ Studio Tour has been well known for in the last 17 years, will be available to the many art enthusiasts who are looking forward to STUDIO TOUR 9.

During STUDIO TOUR 9 in March 2010, visitors will be invited to join the Twitter “Art Talk” conversation, as they visit the artists and studios, by posting twitter updates in real time using the special twitter search code.

The artists who have joined “Art Talk” (so far) are listed below.

Elsah Cort | | |

Aranga Firstman | |

Shirley Keller | |

Eddie McArthur | | |

Nadi Spencer | |

Martha Widmann | |

Three Rivers Artists’ Studio Tour, main twitter page at