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Jana Botkin: Studio Tour 10 Artist

Jana Botkin has been a full-time artist since 1993. “Cabinart” is what she calls her Studio and her art collection. Her work is about her unique and personal local art vision, which, as she describes it, is in “finding, showing off, and focusing attention on the good parts of living here my entire life.” She loves to share her view of Tulare County, California, where she has lived since birth.

Website: cabinart.net
Jana journals frequently on her art blog: cabinart.net/weblog

Originally working with pencil on paper, she has evolved into oil painting…recently coming full circle back to the pencil medium to work on a new series of historic cabins that will be published as an art book in the near future. As she explains, she loves the medium of pencil because it “is the best way I know to freeze every detail, emphasize the shapes, textures, light and shadow of almost any subject. My favorite, of course, is cabins!”

She paints in oil because, as she says, it is “the classic medium for changing a 3- dimensional world of color into a 2-dimensional visual reminder of a place, thing or event.”


Jana has a special reputation as a mural artist, with several of her murals in Three Rivers and in nearby Exeter, California. She says, “They changed my life. When we began the project in Exeter, I had no intention of learning to paint, let alone paint huge pictures in public. Look what happened!”


STUDIO TOUR TEN tickets are available here.

Meeting the Studio Artists: Jana Botkin

Jana Botkin
oil, graphite

website cabinart.net
blog cabinart.net/wordpress
founding member of The Art Co-Op Gallery

“Living in Three Rivers means that my camera is often in my pocket while I am walking, because everywhere I go, I see subjects to paint. It has always been my goal to represent the beauty of Tulare County in my artwork.

One of the most prestigious honors I have ever received was to be invited to paint an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree in 2007. I credit Mr. Tom Stroben with teaching me to draw in 6th grade at Ivanhoe Elementary School; his attention to detail and specific instruction started me down the path of realism.

In addition to painting and drawing, I am an avid knitter; I think of it as “cross training”!

How to get Studio Tour tickets…earlybird price until March 5.

Studio Tour Weekend Approaching…

Every other year, the many artists, who live and work in Three Rivers, open their private studios to the public. The ninth Three Rivers Artists’ Studio Tour will be held on March 19-20-21, expanding to three days this year, giving visitors more time to leisurely visit each studio.  Studio Tour 9 celebrates the singular creative expressions of twenty-one artists, solidifying its Tour de Force status as an exceptional creative achievement for Tulare County, from its inception eighteen years ago.

Art-making is essentially a solitary experience for most of these artists, the work culminating from each one’s personal narrative of how art-making evolves, living in the foothills. By welcoming visitors into their studio workspace, the artists invite interesting conversations about the making of art.  The Studio Tour becomes a multi-voice dialogue about creativity, living with art, the inspiration of the natural world, and how to meet the challenge of earning a livelihood from art.  Lives have been changed by this Studio Tour.  Many visitors have gone home and made a creative space for their own inspired, innate artistic nature to emerge. The artists are rewarded by the respectful appreciation and enthusiasm that is offered in return.

Tickets on sale for earlybird price of $15/ per adult until March 5, $20 at the door. More ticket info HERE.

Jana Botkin: micro to macro

Standing on the platform of a flat bed truck, Jana is painting a mural in Exeter, California.
Her chronicle of the process is now on Day 38….  cabinart.net/wordpress
The mountains of Mineral King, in Sequoia National Park, have been her painters’ heart connection for a long while.

See Jana’s portfolio at cabinart.net
She is a Three Rivers Artists’ Studio Tour Artist

Day One is February 5, 2009…Painter’s sky at sky’s edge


Day 38 is April 8, 2009…blue on blue
“As I paint in silence (relatively speaking) and solitude each day, ideas come …”