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Meet the twenty-two artists who are opening their art studios on STUDIO TOUR TEN

Each of the images link to the individual artist page on the STUDIO TOUR TEN website…

Special earlybird $15 ticket price until March 4……..Buy Tickets Here


Carole Clum Rick Badgley Karen Kimball 



Anne Birkholz Deborah Dal Zuffo



Nancy Jonnum James Entz  Elsah Cort



Mona Selph George Smith Clayton Porter 



Anne Haxton   Jeffrey Jay   Martha Widmann




Jana Botkin   Shirley Keller   Marn Reich



Nadi Spencer   Christine Sell-Porter   Wendy McKeller


Nikki Crain, our featured artist



Nikki Crain featured at the Art Co-Op

Three Rivers weaver, Nikki Crain, is the featured artist for the month of January at the Art Co-Op.
A reception will be given for her on January 2 from 2-6 pm.

“Weaving is my delight! I enjoy using beautiful natural fibers and yarns to make practical items to wear or use. Each handwoven piece is one-of-a-kind or limited edition. I create cloth that can’t be duplicated in a factory.  Playing with dyes reminds me of opening a new box of crayons in kindergarten. What fun awaits! I also love candles and want the healthiest ones possible so I pour natural vegetable soy candles.”

Marn Reich at the Art Co-Op

Marn Reich, one of the Studio Tour artists, is the featured artist throughout November at the Art Co-Op in Three Rivers.  The gallery is open Tues-Sunday from 10- 6 pm.

She says, “I began working in clay about 15 years ago. I love the challenges it presents – getting it to assume the shape and color I desire and keep it without collapsing, cracking or discoloring. Once I’ve conquered a particular challenge, I’m on the lookout for another – making something bigger, smaller, more lifelike, more whimsical.

I enjoy working at home, surrounded by my favorite things, but I also enjoy working with others and having the stimulation and input of others’ ideas, comments, and criticisms, so I also work once a week at a studio in Visalia, where I can interact with friends and fire my work.


Next month the gallery features another Studio Tour artist, George Smith.

First Saturday Creativity in Three Rivers

Celebrate the creative talent of Three Rivers!  Starting on October 3, collaborating shops and galleries in town will be showcasing the art of Three Rivers on the first Saturday of each month.  For more information visit the 1st Saturday blog.

Wendy Dhrti Heart's

(left to right, Wendy McKellar, Miriam Briks (Dhrti Dasi), Heart’s Desire Gift Shop)



Also on October 3, visit the Three Rivers Environmental Weekend at the Three Rivers Arts Center, local artists will be showing creative art for the home and garden. See details here.

Three Rivers ex-patriot emerges as fiber artist

Maggy Pavlou, who we all knew as the creator of Gallery 198 (where the Historical Museum is now ) from years past in Three Rivers, has become a very busy, celebrated fiber artist near Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Her work is featured in about twenty five galleries around the country.  She makes one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces from handmade felt.  She was featured in the cover article “Maggy Pavlou: Felted Landscapes” by Kathaleen Roberts, in Jan/Feb 2009 issue of Fiberarts magazine.

aboutmaggy fiberarts-jf-2009-144

She will be showing her work at the 19th Annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, Colorado on July 3-5, 2009.

Read more about her work at her new artist blog at maggypavlou.wordpress.com and drop her a line in the comments section.  She is missed here and very much appreciated for her exquisite support of Three Rivers artists at the beloved Gallery 198.

Youth Art and Acting Classes in Three Rivers

Starting on June 20, for seven Saturdays, from 12-2 pm, the Discoveries West Gallery and Archives offers Youth Art Classes for kids age 10-16.  Materials will be included including acrylics, watercolors, pencil, India ink, and charcoal.  Class fee is $35.  Call 550-471-8657 for registatration.


Starting on July 8, weekly 90 minute Acting Classes for Young People will commence for ages 9-16.  The classes will be taught by Eileen Farrell of Three Rivers, a professional director and former Hollywood talent agent. Class fee is $65 per month, with free introductory class. Call 559-561-0361 for information and details.