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Views of Yokohl Valley: July Exhibit at Arts Visalia

The group art show, entitled “Views of Yokohl Valley”, will be held throughout July at Arts Visalia at 214 Oak Avenue in Visalia (across from the Depot Restaurant.)  The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday, from noon to 5:30 pm. The reception with the artists will be on Friday, July 10th, 2009. from 6-8 pm. The public is cordially invited.

The idea for the show was originated by Three Rivers artist, Mona Fox Selph, who, along with a number of other artists and friends, attended the Yokohl Ranch Planned Community EIR Scoping Meeting In Exeter on March 3, 2008. Many people at the meeting were shocked to grasp the huge size and scope of the planned development, and realize the impact it will have on the health and environment of all of the citizens and wildlife of Tulare County. The plan is for a city of 10,000 homes with all of the additional infrastructure and water needs that it would entail. The goal is to attract 30 or 40 thousand people of means from other areas, which the developers claim will benefit the area economically. Those in opposition believe that the environmental costs are far too high, and that true development benefits would come instead from projects within the boundaries of existing cities within the county, not additional sprawl away from those centers, with destruction of a huge area of the natural environment.

“Storm over Yokohl Valley”  30″ x 40″ oil painting,
by Mona Fox Selph, all rights reserved

Mona Fox Selph, was a friend of Ray Strong, a well known California landscape painter who spent his final years in Three Rivers. Ray was a founding member of the Oaks Group, a collection of landscape painters from the Santa Barbara area which held numerous shows over several decades raising both public awareness and funds, and thereby saving many hundreds of acres of beautiful coastal land from development. She approached Kevin Bowman, director of Arts Visalia, with the idea of a show about Yokohl Valley. Kevin agreed, stating, “I have always felt that art offers the opportunity to raise discussion of difficult subjects, and I envision this exhibition as a vehicle for creative reflection.”

For more information about Yokohl Valley, visit website of Tulare County Citizens for Repsonsible Growth at Tulare County Citizens for Responsible Growth (TCCRG) is a diverse group of local residents united by concerns about the direction of future growth in Tulare County. Reflecting the expressed values and wishes of our county’s residents, they are working to ensure that future growth in Tulare county protects our local economy, communities, and natural resources. They support directing growth into our existing communities and protecting our agricultural land and open space for future generations.

thumbs_picture8 thumbs_picture18 thumbs_picture14 views of Yokhol Valley from

The Art of Living Well

The Kaweah Artisans and Sequoia Mountain Healers present “The Art of Living Well” on May 23 and 24, 2009 from 10-4pm at the Buckaroo at 42251 Sierra Drive, Hwy 198, in Three Rivers.  Enjoy a peaceful day on the river with local artists and healers.  Take home an original work of art.


Ginny Wilson, Photography
Janene Lasswell Organic Natural Bath and Skin Care
Kay Packard Hand and Finger Print Analysis
Tina St. John Jewelry Designs
Richard Blakemore Acupressure (Sat)
Kristi Tilchen Deep Tissue Massage (Sun)
Julie Doctor, live music on the river deck

The Quail Painting Series: Works in Progress

Eddie McArthur is painting her love for our native California Quail with a series of four paintings.
She says, “It’s funny; whenever I get rolling on a series, the paintings come quickly. And, when I’m stuck, well, I’m just stuck.”

The Pair (#2 in the series)

Read the rest of the story at Eddie’s blog called “Living My Art” at Follow Eddie is on twitter @eddie_art

Jana Botkin: micro to macro

Standing on the platform of a flat bed truck, Jana is painting a mural in Exeter, California.
Her chronicle of the process is now on Day 38….
The mountains of Mineral King, in Sequoia National Park, have been her painters’ heart connection for a long while.

See Jana’s portfolio at
She is a Three Rivers Artists’ Studio Tour Artist

Day One is February 5, 2009…Painter’s sky at sky’s edge


Day 38 is April 8, 2009…blue on blue
“As I paint in silence (relatively speaking) and solitude each day, ideas come …”

Adrian Gregori Green shares his life’s work…


Adrian’s Biography from his website where he says, “See my work, my best biography at

Born in rural California in 1925, I spent much of my early youth in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevadas.  This has been a continuing experience all of my life.  My summers are spent in a camp nestled amongst the high granite peaks.

My higher education consisted of a major in art at the University of California at Berkeley where I earned my B.A.  While there I was a student of Henry Schaefer-Simmern, who was a pioneer in art education.  I took post graduate work at his Institute of Art Education where I participated in his method of unfolding inherent image making capacities in children and ordinary laymen or non-artists. I assisted Schaefer-Simmern in some of his classes and monitored all of his classes.

In 1948 I visited Mexico.  I returned there in 1949 for several months studying at the Art Institute at San Miguel de Allende.  Pre-Columbian art had a profound effect upon me.  I went to Mexico as an aspiring painter and left there as a fledgling sculptor.  Since then I have continued working almost entirely in stone for over 50 years.

In recent years I have continued my sculptural endeavors at my home and workshop close beside the Kaweah River in Three Rivers, California.  My summer high mountain workshop is 25 miles away at an elevation of nearly 8000 feet.